PTC Document: Need for Leadership

The PTC (Premier’s Technology Coucil) document is out there and it has many good things in it.  In particular, it gives a framework and language to the many great things already going on in BC’s education system, it addresses the broad system wide need to support personalized learning which is already a significant part of our education system but has individual districts dealing with it in their own unique ways, and it promotes a blended system of face-to-face and online learning to reap the benefits of interconnectedness and in-person communication skills.  However as great as this all is, there needs to be something else. 

I am hoping that a leadership component will come along on the tidal wave that is carrying this movement towards 21st Century and Personalized Learning.  A great book that I am currently reading with a leadership group is Quiet Leadership by David Rock.  One of the big things for him is to make a change, you have to make your new practices habits.  If the education system is to evolve to embrace the goals, habits need to be formed!  At this point conversations have started but if habits are not formed, we will just keep conversing.  So whatever we do from here as educators, or those who submit documents intended for educators to follow, lets make sure the efforts are towards creating good habits that stick.


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