First Day of Semester: A Whole New Way to Start

The end of something always leads to the beginning of another.  This week was the beginning of a new semester, and an opportunity to begin fresh with a new set of youth with great potential.  With inspiration from Edna (author of this was a whole new start.  Instead of simple delivery of rules and itinerary, this year the students came up with a set of expectations for TEACHER AND STUDENTS for the rest of the course… and hopefully the rest of our lives of learning.  What was developed?

Student Expectations of their Teacher:

  • Treat everyone equally
  • Answer questions and concerns
  • Provide help when requested
  • Not give as many notes (a request!)
  • Patience
  • Prepare for provincial exam, Follow curriculum
  • To make class content comprehensible by all students

Student Expectation of Themselves

  • To ask questions
  • Be alert and participate
  • No texting or using your phone
  • Don’t shoot for minimum, go for above and beyond
  • Treat peers with respect
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Let teacher know if I don’t understand
  • Perform to the best of our abilities
  • Plan a field trip
  • Keep classroom a safety-first environment, Physical and Emotional
  • Have fun! Regardless of unfortunate obstacles that may come your way!

My goal is to have these ideas posted/painted on the high walls above the classroom door so both students and staff alike can be reminded of the potential that can be achieved with the above expectations about our education system and all those in it.  There are likely too many to post/paint and it will be a large amount of work, but it is looking like a worthwhile project to look in to.  Also, this was a significant reminder to students that they have the ability to own their learning and be an active participant.


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  1. Great! Looking forward to hearing how it unfolds. I always enjoy your comments on my posts.. I feel like we are in a conversation.

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