Simple and Genuine in the 21stC

I remember watching this commercial years ago and will never forget it.  It is about soccer and of course advertising, but it speaks to me about experiencing something genuine and meaningful with the use of something so simple.  Just be patient as the first 10 seconds are blank.

When I first watched this, I couldn’t help but to think of how imaginative the boy was, collecting plastic bags (garbage to many of us), to tie up and construct himself a soccer ball.  Thinking outside of the box?  Of course it is a commercial for a major sporting goods company but I will never forget it for its underlying themes.  It speaks to a geographic and cultural aspect, but to me it also says that there is so much potential if we are willing and able to look at things differently.  And the last line, “Impossible is nothing.” is so fitting.

In our education systems, 21C learning is a big buzz movement and it has a huge following like it should.  However I try to keep reminding myself that it isn’t all about technology.  The technology available today surely can enhance learning and is widely used to deliver 21CL but it isn’t an absolute necessity.  I love technology and widely use it to support learning and enhance it.  It is through tech devices that I am able to write this blog, insert a video, and continue to learn with all of you!  However it is easy to get the two so intertwined that they seem dependent on each other.  Symbiosis maybe?  Sure, but I like to now think of it as two great things moving on a parallel course towards a common destination: genuine, authentic, and mostly, meaningful learning.  Technology is not the only way to engage students.  We can use it as a strong tool, but we can’t forget about the simple activities that also offer meaningful experience to our students.  I personally like watching students interact with one another and its music to my ears when they are curious and helpful to one another during face-to-face group work.

Back to simple.  I love how this commercial reminds me about how we can use all the simple things around us to create meaningful learning.


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