Edcamp Vancouver Last Minute Reminders

Dear Fellow Edcamp Vancouver Participants,

Just a few last minute reminders…

If you have not registered, you are still welcome to attend!

Start time is 9am, at John Oliver Secondary in Vancouver.

Street closures on April 16th

Submitted by David Wees on Tue, 2011-04-12 12:20

We just found out about some street closures due to the Vaisakhi Parade, organized by the Khalsa Diwan Society, will take place Saturday, April 16th, 2011 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The City is closing the following streets to accommodate the parade

▪   westbound traffic on Southeast Marine Drive, from Ross to Main Street

▪   Main Street from Marine Drive to 49th Avenue

▪   49th Avenue from Main to Fraser

▪   Fraser Street, from 49th to 57th Avenue

▪   East 57th from Fraser to Ross

▪   Ross Street from East 57th to Southeast Marine Drive.

The parade draws a large number of spectators (approximately 50,000 people are expected to attend) and moves very slowly.

The area around Main Street, from 49th Avenue to 53rd Avenue, becomes very congested. Residents and commuters are advised to use alternate routes, including transit re-routes.

Tips for the day by Julia:

Tip 1 In the morning head to the main doors of John Oliver – we’ll be there

Tip 2 Head to library and make sure to check in.

Tip 3 Don’t forget to p/u your name tag and 4 post-it-notes…very important!

On the day of the event:

a)   Eat a full breakfast at home

b)   Coffee/tea and water will be provided throughout the day, and lunch.   The lunch will consist of a either a vegetarian or turkey focaccia sandwich, juice and apple.  If either of   these lunch items do not meet your dietary requirements, we recommend that you bring your own lunch.

c)   Bring extra snacks just in case.

d)    Start time is 9am.

e)    If you know anyone else attending, we encourage you to carpool or take public transit.

What should be in your bag?

a)  Smartphones, iPads, Laptops may be useful to you as we have wifi available.

b)  1 coffee to go mug, 1 water bottle

c)   Pens!  As many as you can bring

d)   Post-It notes to share

e)   Highlighters

f)    Note Pads

Communal Sharing of Supplies Initiative

If you are able to share any of the stationary items above, we will have baskets for
you to share them at the conference.  Edcamp Vancouver is really a new way of 


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