Be Safe On the Road and Educate It

Today I attended a funeral of the mother of a friend and colleague. His mother passed away last week after being hit by a car. It was a large gathering because she was so loved and her life was cut short. So how does this apply to you? As my PLN, we all show how important it is to be interconnected and to learn and be inspired by one other through our mobile devices, tablets, etc. For your own safety and that of others, please do not use them while driving as the driver who was involved in the accident was distracted and hit my friend’s mother at a marked crosswalk. I know I have caught myself wanting to check my device at red lights or during long clear straightaways, but I have decided to tell myself that I have an addiction problem if I cannot resist.

We are also in a unique position as educators in that we are role models. I have always believed that education is the way to promote good behaviours instead of rules and punishments to curb bad ones. We, as educators, have the capacity to make a difference and promote good behaviour in those around us, both colleagues and students. If there is any movement you can make, please make it.

When I was listening to my friend and his sister tearfully struggle through their speeches, all I could think is it unfortunately takes a huge tragedy to make us think of the things that we could have or should have done differently. I truly believe in our capacity to shape the minds of those around us. I believe we are far more significant than television commercials or punitive policies to instill ideas and attitudes. If one less tragedy can occur because of good education, please help me aim for that and all the positive spin off that can be generated from it.


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