What is Education All About?

I thought of writing a blog entry at the end of the last school year but I was simply too exhausted. I found myself slipping into summer and then I was gone.

Well it would seem summer is over with the 9 degrees Celsius mornings and I have finally had some time to reflect on last year and think about what I want for this new school year. By thinking about and knowing my own philosophy statement of education, I can follow my instincts and work towards delivering the best education I can for my students, their families, and my colleagues. So here it is:

I believe life and education are all about relationships and positive growth. We all need to work hard to build strong and stable relationships, and train ourselves to recognize and act upon the opportunities that will help us grow. I believe that mindset will contribute to a happy and fulfilling life and/or educational experience.

It is a bit open ended and maybe even inquiry based but I don’t really want to lock myself down and potentially miss a great growth experience.


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  1. Nate Chang science 8

    Hi Mr. Soong! I like your articles.


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