The Future of Education Looks Bright

Today I had the pleasure of interacting with a group of teachers who are in their first or second year of a long term contract with the Richmond School Board.  I guess I can loosely call them “mentees” and I would loosely be called a “mentor.”  The reason I used the word loosely in the previous sentence is because we may have very different years of experience, seniority and sheer time in the classroom, we are still all educators.  We all love to work with kids and with each other.  So why does the future look bright?

We had a collection of twenty young educators from the secondary level attend our first of six sessions.  Together we were able to engage in some activities that were designed to be tried out as early as next week and talk about deeper topics like the philosophy of education, and even go as far as mentees wanting to grow into mentors.  Philosophy and sustainable educator growth to be paid forward?  Are you kidding me?  Awesome!

Considering the setting and the focus group, there was ‘surviving the job’ talk and cloudiness around procedures, but it wasn’t nearly as much as I expected as a mentor.  It was clear to me that this group is mindful of their new profession and are excited to get fully involved in the learning of their students and their own learning.  To top it off, when it was time to leave (and after the students in our host building left for home), the bulk of the group were still engaged in rich conversation.  I am excited to work with my team of mentors and the enthusiastic group of junior educators we have.  That is why the future of education looks bright.


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