Education Is All About Relationships

Today I had the pleasure of seeing three grade 11 students who I taught three years ago at my previous school.  I had also travelled with them numerous times on outdoor education trips.  Today, they were waiting for a ride from their parents after coaching their school’s grade 8 volleyball team.  They actually saw me first and called my name.  It was a nice miniature reunion and we reminisced about the past.

When talking with the girls, I felt a level of comfort and a sense of pride.  I was proud that students I had a good relationship with took on a leadership role and were creating relationships with others.  Further, they were serving as leaders and role models to younger students.  As for myself, I was lucky enough to connect with a number of past educators last week who offered their support as references.

So what do we all have in common?  All of our relationships were created at some point in our educational journey.  The beating heart of education is the relationships within and we have to do whatever it takes to create and promote positive relationships with everyone involved, young or old(er).  It will pay itself forward like I witnessed today with the grade 11 students and their contributions to the lives of the younger students on their volleyball team.


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