The Power of Social Media in Education


At the latest Edcamp Leadership BC last month, I shared with a number of other educators that I was using social media with my students.  More specifically, my use of Edmodo with my students.  I gave the site to a few of them and did a crash course with a few others over lunch. For those who have not tried it, it is basically Facebook for education.  The nice things about it for me:

  • The class is contained as the students and what is posted is NOT open to the public.
  • Students and parents can input their mobile phone # or email and receive updates every time something is posted the teacher or another student.

The last bullet is really why I am putting this out there.  Edmodo, or any other form of social media, used to be an outlet where students could ask questions of me during hours outside the traditional class time.  However, it has now evolved into students having conversations amongst themselves and they all surround learning and helping each other.  My students have two assessments coming up this week and they have been going around the clock contributing to one another’s learning.  It has even gone as far as a number of them feeling a lot more comfortable and at ease with their responsibilities.

Thank You!!!!!! u guys save my life =____=#

As the students are interacting, they are creating a sense of community and all in the name of supporting each other’s education.

It may not be for everyone but social media has a place in the education of my students.  It has built capacity in my students, made me a bit more obsolete for them (just a little bit!!!), which in my mind is getting them one step closer to being independent young individuals.


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