Edu-Resolutions for 2013

Edu-Resolutions for 2013

It is time once again for New Year’s Edu-Resolutions!  Of course they are hard to completely follow through on, like that workout resolution I had two years ago, but I am committed to a solid intentionality.

For my first resolution: I have often said before that I believe education is about relationships.  As educators, there is constant monitoring of our conversations with students, colleagues and parents, and discussions with students about their relationship with their learning.  For 2013, I want to expand this and increase my mindfulness of the relationship between our current assessment practices and student engagement levels.  The intention is really about increasing student engagement over an even larger student population and no matter where each student is on his or her learning and growth continuum.  This is also a good lead in to my next resolution that I am going to give credit to @tomschimmer.

My second resolution is to constantly ask: Will this activity increase confidence or anxiety in my students?  I would think all educators endeavour to increase the effectiveness of the activities we do with our students but this one question is clear and crisp, and easy to remember.  It also frames an overarching attitude for my student teachers and those in my mentoring circle.

Finally, with 2012 so much talk about bullying, I will do my very best to share with, and engage in conversations, starting with the following quote I came across:  “Great minds discuss ideas.  Average minds discuss events.  Small minds discuss people.”

Have a wonderful 2013!


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  1. Bernie, some great edu-resolutions for the coming year! To extend your second resolution even further, you might consider how creating student confidence impacts the relationship between you and the student. I feel too often our anxious learners either become completely disengaged and as a result the relationship we share with them deteriorates, or he/she is operating under such high anxiety that he/she doesn’t even have the confidence to speak to us. It is really no different than any of us as adults. If the only feedback we get is that we aren’t doing something very well, we aren’t likely to solicit any more in the future.

    Please continue to share how these edu-resolutions are progressing throughout the year!


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