“So what is this 21C learning in English?” Your thoughts too, please!

21c learning visual

The other day I was asked:  So what is this twenty first century learning thing in English?  The person who asked me wasn’t at all interested in the literature out there about it.  They wanted a simple one or two sentences to get them on the right track (to frame their thinking about a term they read in their child’s school newsletter.)  So this is what I said:

21C Learning is really about the unpacking and re-packing of information by a learner so they can then use the information and/or communicate it out in a way that is meaningful, useful, and interesting to the audience to which they will present it.  With that said, many people are a lot more comfortable with technology today so the means of communicating out the information will likely be done electronically, which also means it is likely to be  faster, flashier, and reach larger numbers than we would have expected years ago.

So what do you think?


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One response to ““So what is this 21C learning in English?” Your thoughts too, please!

  1. Hi Bernie,

    Trying to describe 21st Century Learning isn’t an easy thing to do in a couple of sentences. However, it’s probably worthwhile for each of us to have an ‘elevator speech’ ready when prompted by someone. Without rehearsing, my response would be that it is about learning how to ask good questions, be resourceful, think critically about information and devise creative solutions with the goal of creating new knowledge.

    I’m curious to know what others think?


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