Its Not About Knowing Everything

Today I have been lucky enough to attend the #gafesummit in Palm Springs and be a learner again.  The weather down here is pretty great too!  One big thing that I have been reminded of is it is no longer the role of the teacher to know everything or to make sure kids know things.  It has been great to see a tiny bit of the potential of the tools that are out there for education, or some of the ideas that great educators have.  However it is a lot more clear now than ever that education is more about what Jaime Casap opened an Innovation session with:

It is about asking students what problem(s) they want to solve and what they will need to know, or what tools they may need to use, to solve those problem(s).  He then encourages them to go back to their school and demand the education that they need to do it.  The question is, are we as educators really open enough to make it happen for them or holding on to the ways things used to be done, or how we were taught some years or decades ago?


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